Keith Chilvers

20th April 1963 – 8th November 2015

Keith Chilvers was one of the co-founders of Radio Harrow who passed away after losing his three year battle to bowel cancer, at the age of 52. Read more about Keith.


Liam Burke
Everyone at P Squared offers their condolences to Keith's family and friends.

Sarah and Helen in particular said they spoke to Keith regularly and will miss him.

Our thoughts are with his family.
David Boulton
I have had many dealings with Keith over the years and was very sad to hear the news.

I'm not sure that we ever met, but we certainly spent a lot of time on the phone sorting out various technologies that the stations used.

The whole team are saddened to hear the news as Keith dealt with many of us over the years.

Condolences to the family and all at the station.

Best Regards, David Boulton & The Broadcast Radio Team (P Squared)
Paul miller
Really sad news of Keith's passing.

I'm still in shock!

I knew Keith for a few years. We spent our time on tops of buildings setting up transmission equipment, which he clearly enjoyed.

My condolences to his family.
Tony Hurley
I have been privileged to have known Keith for over 20 years through different guises surrounding Charity & Community work & Events in Harrow.

He will be greatly missed and my thoughts are with his family and I will be thinking of them, and him tomorrow as commitments prevent me from attending his service .
Ben Punter
To an Inspiration, a visionary, a quality broadcaster and a dear friend.

Come wind, rain or waterlogged pitch, he was positive till the end.

Goodnight Buddy!
Juliette Davies
So sad to hear of Keith passing and my love and thoughts are with Kim and his family for whom I know the world must be a darker place without him as he was such a singing star
Words can never truly express who a person was but to me he was a truly lovely and genuine man with a great big heart - someone who made my life better for knowing him.

The beam shines down,
The rays so bright,
The stars come forward,
At the dead of night.

An angel gained,
A distance apart,
Our friendship lives on,
A place in my heart.

A loss like this,
Won't heal too soon,
You light the sky,
The sun, the stars, the moon
Gary Sims
A long-term friend that I shall dearly miss. I honestly can't remember Keith not laughing or smiling. He seemed to thrive on life and the friends and family around him. Always busy doing something for someone. The world has lost a very special person. RIP buddy
Elliot Isaacson
Keeeeeith! You'll be sorely missed, not just by friends and family but by an entire community. You brought happiness to so many people. Regardless of what was going on in your own life, you put others first, and your selfless and upbeat attitude was amazing. I will miss your hugs, your infectious laugh and the way you could light up a room just by entering it. You were a great man and a role model.

You have touched so many lives in such a positive way and your attitude towards life should be an example to all. You were a splash of colour in an otherwise grey world.

I shall miss you Keith. We'll always have depreciation. RIP x
Alison Forrest
I only met Keith last year at the Pinner Park School's summer fair, but he was funny, enthusiastic, genuine and a lovely bloke. So sad to lose such a lovely Harrow man. xxxxx
Mark Sedgwick
Communities aren't just stronger for people like Keith, they're built on them. Sad news for Harrow, community radio and most of all his family. RIP Keith.
Ian Daborn
Always so open, positive and ready to talk about your journey, Keith RIP. You will be missed by many. You were the definition of a good bloke. Love and thoughts to Kim and your family. Ian D
Iris Ann Fernando
In the brief moments I spoke with Keith, and the meetings where I heard him speak, he was inspirational! He convinced us of the way forward with RNP to Radio Harrow. I am saddened by not being able to attend to my volunteering under his and Matt's leadership and not getting to know him more. RIP Keith
Len Elman & Marty Rose co-founders of Radio Northwick Park
Len & I are shocked and saddened at the news of Keith’s passing.

Keith took over our reigns and eventually became Chairman of RNP and carried on the caring, quality and traditions that we had formulated in those early days. He was an inspiration to everybody that had the pleasure of knowing and working with him. Radio Harrow, the members and the local Harrow area will be a sadder place now he has left us.

Keith enriched the lives of everyone he came into contact with. He started the new project with Matt of combining RNP with HCR to form Radio Harrow and we are sure Keith will be looking down and willing the management and volunteers to achieve huge success and to continue the project for the citizens of Harrow for many years to come.

Marty had only seen Keith recently at the Radio Harrow AGM and although they had not seen each other for a while, Keith with his wonderful nature, just continued where they had left off last time, smiling, chatting and being so positive about life.

We send our sincere condolences to his family. RIP.
Wendy Hewitt
I am so sorry to hear the news. I didn't know Keith so well but my late husband, Andy Hewitt did. I met Keith a couple of years ago at a Radio Northwick Park function where my husband was honoured and it was lovely to meet him. I'd heard so much about him from Andy. I am so sorry to hear the news and my thoughts go out to his family x
Joanna Kennedy
Kim, my sincerest condolences. I still clearly remember spending a great evening with you both, Annette and Leigh, among others, in that bar in Covent Garden. Keith's passion and enthusiasm for the local area and he people in it really came across. My thoughts are with you and your family xxx
Lee Canderton
So sad to hear of the passing of the gentle bear Keith.
Such a nice guy. I only hope his family can take a little comfort from many of the messages being posted here.
He was, without doubt, one of the good guys.
God bless xx
Martin Thorpe
I was the Technical Officer at RNP when Keith first joined the station all those years ago. As well as being a fun guy to be around, he also quickly showed that he was someone who got things done.

I have lots of great memories from those days and Keith was always in the middle of the fun, be it the Harrow Show, Pub Collecting or just doing the Request Show.

A great man who did so much for others who will be sadly missed, but happily remembered.
Nick Buckley
The sheer number of messages on this board show us how much you'll be missed.
I was shocked when I read this.
See you down the road Keith.
Omar Sattaur
Keith would bounce into the studio and make everyone smile with his immense energy for Radio and his vast array of stories. He'll be missed, but never forgotten.
Bob Perry
I remember being Studio Manager at Radio Northwick Park the first time Keith came down to the station to help as a volunteer and thought what a nice guy.

Nice didn't do Keith justice. He was so much more, you only have to read the comments here to see that.

Will always have great memories of "faffing about" with Keith (along with Allen Butler & Martin Thorpe) at setting up & taking part in The Harrow Show.

My condolences to Keith's family.
Donna Ukachi-Lois
I am in pieces over the sad loss of someone so special. The world is a sadder place without Keith in it. I was really praying that Keith could stay with us a little while longer and I know that Keith would love to be here with us now too. Farewell to a very special individual, a man who had boundless energy and drive. Keep watching over us and may you rest in everlasting peace.
Ruchita Patel
I'm sorry to hear that Keith has passed away and wish I had gotten the chance to know such a wonderful person. May you always rest in peace. My sincerest condolences to the Keith family. RIP xx
Adam Glynn
I don't think I have the right words to describe just how much of a top man Keith was - but I'll give it a go: passionate, focussed, determined; clever, kind, funny; warm, open, friendly.

You were a force to be reckoned with, without ever being anything but the consummate gentleman. Excellent at everything you turned your hand to.

You will leave a big gap - but also leave a legacy of things you have built from the ground up, and hopefully a whole group of people who share in your vision and methods.

I'm going to miss your energy, your vigour and your dedication. You truly were one of a kind - cut from a cloth that there's very little left of these days.

Rest in peace.
Anjeli Shah
Rest in peace Keith. Your legacy of Radio Harrow will never be forgotten. Thank you for all you did for us.
Chris Baldwin
It was a pleasure and privilege to have known Keith, and both myself and Jo are very sad at his untimely passing. We shared so many good times together at the old Radio Northwick Park, times which I will always cherish. Keith was an absolute cornerstone of the organisation and his contribution over the years to RNP and Radio Harrow is immeasurable. He was a lovely guy whose warmth and charm touched so many people. God Bless you Keith.

Our love, thoughts and prayers go out to Kim and the family.
Annie Gammel
I hardly knew Keith Chilvers but on the few occasions that I chatted to him he made me feel like he remembered me! He helped us out at Whitefriars School a couple of times...we will miss him. As too will St Lukes Hospice Harrow I know. Xxxx
Janice Antoine
Keith was my manager at the Unity Centre. I cannot believe what I'm reading. I've heard to much bad news today. I am in shock right now.
Adele Tobe-Freeman
Very sorry to read that Keith has passed away. He was a wonderfully enthusiastic committee member and Chairman of RNP (and an all round good guy) and I was proud to serve with him. Wishing Kim Chilvers and all the family my sincere condolences. RIP Keith X
Lorraine McBride
Farewell Keith, one of life's good guys, and a thoroughly solid, decent man. I'm so sorry Kim, for you and the family. Hope you gain a smidge of comfort knowing Keith was so universally liked and respected by so many. RIP. x
Tony Hill
Have spent my time today thinking about the thirty odd years that i have known you Keith. From many a social pint or several in The Honeypot and elsewhere. Through to going on a few holidays.
Also the times that you helped me out with certain things.
Speaking on behalf of everyone in our very close circle. RIP DEAR KEITH
Aaron Rice
I was very shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Keith's passing. He was a kind, gentle and considerate man who was always encouraging, positive and full of great advice. A real gentleman and a hugely positive influence on all those around him.

He obviously cared deeply about everything he did, as this was evident through his work. His contribution to the community and to those around him was profound.

I will never forget the faith he put in me, during my early radio days.

He will be greatly missed.
Steve Pinchen
Keith has been a mentor, colleague, friend and a true inspiration for me. I always looked to not only for his vast knowledge on community and hospital radio but his 'can do' approach to pretty much everything. A true gent and top, top bloke. RIP Keith.
Eva Santana-Spevick
I am so very sorry to hear that Keith has passed away.

I was a youngster when I volunteered at RNP. Keith was always amazing at encouraging me and sometimes when needed helping me to stay positive.

Keith was a true gent, my deepest condolences go to his family and friends.
Martin Bolding
So sorry to hear the news about Keith. My thoughts are with his family.
Alexander David Irons
I'm completely heartbroken to hear that Keith Chilvers has passed away. I owe him so much in my radio career and without him I wouldn't be where I am today. I'll never forget your smile and that belief you gave me, rest in peace big man.
Annette Kelly & Annette Crossland
We've lost a very great man, a wonderful friend and a truly inspirational person - the world is a poorer place for his loss - a man who never lost hope, never stopped caring for others, a wonderful sense of humour and above all a fabulous husband and father. Keith - we salute you as someone who made the world a better place and made a difference. XOX ANNETTE
David Fletcher
Keith will be dearly missed by his family, friends, everyone he knew, touched and mentored throughout his life.

Without Keith, Radio Northwick Park (RNP) sadly would not have been able to be merged with Harrow Community Radio (HCR) to create a new yet modernised radio station, Radio Harrow (RH) located at the original home of RNP, Level 2 of Northwick Park Hospital.

Keith's memory will forever be cherished, remembered and preserved via very much keeping both community stations RNP and HCR alive.

If there was ever one single person whom should be awarded Harrow Volunteer Of The Year 2015, Keith would win, hands down for his contribution and commitmemt to the local Harrow community.
Richard Clegg
Keith is a top guy and I have great memories working with him on the Graeme Park Estate setting up radio projects.
So sorry to hear the sad news.
My condolences go out to Keith's family.
Ayesha Alleyne
I am so shocked & saddened to hear the news. I was at college with Keith & Eddie completing a management qualification. We were known as the "Famous 3" and can't even begin to tell you the fun, laughter and stressful times (due to essays) we spent together . I remember Keith the most when I hear "mission impossible" always brings a smile to my face. RIP Keith xxxx
Chris Perdue
What a lovely guy. Very sad news.
Lee Ellershaw
I only knew Keith for a short while when I was at Radio Northwick Park. But he was one of the nicest people I've ever met.
RIP Keith.
Ann Brommage
Keith Chilvers was the most amazing man Terry and I have known; I first met Keith, or as Terry called him "Keithy", at the Harrow Show so many years ago. His wedding to Kim was extraordinary, on the restaurant boat moored on the Thames, the weather was perfect. Keith's charitable work with the Harrow Radio was renowned throughout the borough. His attitude when diagnosed with Bowel Cancer has been incredible, just listen to him and you will understand why he is mourned by so many people. Keith, sleep well.
Ronan MacManus
So sad to hear the news about Keith Chilvers, such a kind, generous man. I really loved our time at Harrow Community Radio, he was so dedicated to the success of the station. He will be missed greatly in the local community. Rest In Peace my friend.
Cheryl Forde
Really sad news. Just remembering all your efforts to help me put on my first play. The opportunities you gave me to perform poetry. You were a gentle soul. My thoughts are with your family. x
Antonio Dell Mura
Truly, truly saddened to hear of the loss of Keith Chilvers, Keith was a great friend and mentor to me from the day I met him around the age of 16. The last time we spoke, we were literally on the phone for what felt like 2 hours discussing all things geeky and technical as Keith would always be my first phone call when I needed advice and guidance on all things radio, Keith would always always make the time to chat and discuss no matter how busy, I cannot express just how much his advice and guidance has helped me over the years, everything I do and will do in future is a direct result of Keith's mentoring and guidance over the years. Absolutely heartbroken that I never got the opportunity to show you the new Pyro studio Keith, we discussed the new studio build in such detail and I know you were keen to see it for yourself, I know you would be proud, the entire studio was built upon your guidance and advice, for this and all the impact you have ever made on me I thank you Keith.
Miles Otway
Keith was cooler than the other side of the pillow. He always had a smile on his face and had an amazingly positive energy. Everybody liked him and he brought out the best in everyone. He always believed in people and made them want to be better. He was proof that you don't need a mask and a cape to be a hero. When I grow up, I want to be just like Keith (just with an afro).

RIP Keith. You will be missed...
Some people will always be with us and Keith is one of those people.
I will always think of him as funny, passionate, patient, talented, driven but, above all, full of heart.
Keith was a very special person who infected everyone with his spirit.
We will miss you more than words can say, Keith. x
Rob Lewis
I met Keith in 2008, when he was looking for a home for Harrow Community Radio, I was looking after the Wealdstone Centre and developing it into a music and media space for Young People. HCR was perfect to help showcase and encourage the young people who accessed the centre. I don't remember our first meeting what I do know is that it wasn't long before we became good firm friends. I spent nearly every Saturday morning with Keith for 5 years, either in a broom cupboard, (sorry studio), a field, shopping centre or car park (rain or shine, mainly rain!) I shall cherish our memories together and I won't be able to hear Elbow's - One Day Like This or Van Morrison's - Moondance without thinking of him.... Oh and THAT day we hung out with the Queen! We've lost one of the 'good ones' but his legacy will live on in so many ways. My love, prayers and thoughts go out to the family. RIP Mate x
Russell Leigh

My oldest and dearest friend and fellow musician.
We laughed and played our way through our teen years.
My first band with you pumping that bass and recording down in Borough Green.
All the gigs we went to and those endless conversations we had about music.
My girlfriend would always have a go at me cos I would see her for ten minutes and would be straight round the corner at your mum and dads in Queensbury jamming on our guitars

He was a wonderful person in this world and I know he is an even greater spirit now

I love you man and I'll see you on the other side

all my my best to Kim & family & Clive
David Reece
Keith. It was an absolute pleasure to have known you for the last 16 years or so, since I first started at Radio Northwick Park.

You always had a funny anecdote to tell, and showed an avid interest in anything we talked about.

My fondest memory was being at your house in Kenton having a laugh at one of your legendary BBQS. I also enjoyed de-rigging the PA at the Harrow Show with you and Ben Hart. Good times!

You were always a staple at the radio station, and I can't quite believe I won't see you at another radio event, or even popping your head into the studio. My prayers are for your family.

Sleep well Keith.
Vic Moont
The Motto 'Who Dares Wins' could have been written for Keith he was not only a pathfinder and friend over 20 years but would never say no to anyone who came to him for help whether a volunteer or a charity who needed radio promotion at an event. Although he was with us for a short time he lit up our world. It was a great privilege to have known him as one of the bravest men I have known. R.I.P. Keith we all loved you.
Steve Johnston
Quite simply, I feel Honoured and a Privileged to be able to say, 'I knew Keith Chilvers'.
Adrian Rammelt
A good friend who was always willing to help. None more so when I was Chairman of RNP. I asked for his help and guidance when I knew he was trying to leave the station to do other things. A very patient and wise man. I think it's safe to say he will live on in many people's memories but his legacy will be hard to match. God bless you Keith, lots of love.
Brian Rose
Being new to Radio Harrow, I only met Keith once. But reading about all he has achieved, I feel that I know him well. We will all miss him, but we can also take his life as a great inspiration, continuing his great work, continuing to build Radio Harrow, continuing to support our listeners. Our best tribute to Keith can only be each of us striving to build on his amazing contribution to society.
Sital Ladva
Still can't believe Keith has gone. Radio Harrow will not be same without him. RIP Keith you will be missed xxxx
Harish Chavda
Very sad news. I met him a few times. He was a very friendly and helpful human being. Keith you have changed the world by helping others through your work at Harrow Radio. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends
Atul Radia
Well today is meant to be a happy day for myself and my family, since it is Diwali, but the memories of my friendship and admiration for Keith are still flooding in. I first met Keith, in 1996, when he used to do his show before mine on Friday night.

The change over was always hilarious, taking the mick out of each other. He used to follow us to various pubs/clubs when my band was gigging, which led us to do the opening set at the Harrow show for many years. Without Keith's influence this would not have been possible.

All these years I had known him, I found his selfless giving, without any kind of ego, totally humbling. He left a legacy of hard work, determination, commitment, positiveness and respect for others, which in itself was a unique achievement, which very few possess. God bless you my friend, and give strength to your family. A song you used to play on my guitar, after snatching it from me, was "STAND BY ME", which I sincerely hope we all did. GOD BLESS.
Trevor James Larter
It would be extremely difficult to try and remember all the great memories of Keith, due to having known for some 25 plus years.

I had already been at Radio Northwick Park from 1982, so had been there several years when Keith himself joined the charity.
Again very hard to recollect the first meeting with him, it will have probably been at a general meeting or fund raising event possibly.

But like a lot of people that have been fortunate to meet him, he will have developed a great friendship with everyone, because Keith was just so very likeable.

Over those years, Keith and myself knew each other built a very strong friendship and he was very supportive to me, when I had some difficult times to deal with.

I remember he was over the moon at me being presented the ‘Leaders Award’ recently at the AGM a few weeks back, even though I thought he may have played some part in putting me forward for it, which we both shared a joke and laugh about after the meeting.

I would now like to dedicate the award in his memory, because he was an ‘Inspirational Leader’ himself.

I know that he will be truly missed by everyone who knew him, and in particular his wife Kim and his lovely family.

Thank you Bud! For all the happy memories, you have left with us.
Paul Billington (Billo)
I first met Keith three years ago and I am eternally grateful for the faith and support you gave me in those three years (and right up to your sad passing) in being able to do something I enjoy immensely and always harboured doing.

I will miss our banter on the wireless - always keen to highlight my terminology during a game - your fabulous cheerful persona and your boundless and infectious enthusiasm.

You have given inspiration, hope and confidence to countless others, not just in Radio Harrow, but within the whole community of Harrow. It is not just an incredibly sad loss for the station, but also for the Borough of Harrow, who has lost a wonderful man and who encapsulated community in so many ways.

There are some people you meet who are just unique. Unique in the way in which they are able to touch your life in a manner that means so much, it is incalculable. You meant a lot to us all and although your light has extinguished from us all, far too soon, it will live on in the hearts and minds of those who were fortunate enough to know and meet you.

So "Guv'nor", you leave behind a legacy that will be cherished, just as much as we did you. I am so fortunate our paths crossed and I'll miss you, but I know you'll be tuning in from above. RIP mate.
Tony McNab
Keith was someone I looked up to and saw as a role model. Without his inspiration and influence I don't know if I would still be at Radio Harrow today. Keith had a huge presence and personality, whenever he entered a room, you would see everyone light up. Everyone wanted to say hi to him and Keith wanted to talk to everyone. Keith was a person I knew I could always go to if I had questions or queries and I knew he would never judge and would always do everything he could to help me out. He was a straight talker and said exactly what was on his mind. If he needed to put your feet back on the ground, he would do it, and you would know he was right. I'm going to miss the big guy, and we will all do what we can to keep his legacy going for as long as possible, and I know he will be proud of us and of Radio Harrow for a long time to come.
Stuart Kent
Still can't believe he has gone. So very sad. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. Keith you will be sorely missed. I last saw him at the A.G.M. but never got to speak to him properly. In all the years i have known him he has done so much for the station and others. A true gent. We will miss you Keith. RIP.
Shrey Puranik
KC, you were the reason I was able to get back into radio, and you always believed in the spirit of Community media, often dropping everything to keep a tiny radio station operating out of a room in the Youth Centre. I'll miss our long ideas chats (often involving one of us cooking a curry over the phone), and planning the next big event, be it an outside broadcast at a local fair, or a sports show where one of us would be broadcasting from the game, with the other in the studio. Radio Harrow's vision has never been clearer, and we'll be working tirelessly, as you did, to make sure we serve our community, as you wanted. The ultimate radio enthusiast and one of the most genuine blokes , we'll miss you bud. x
He was my dearest coach for when I had a chance of being at radio harrow. It has been a pleasure to meet him. RIP!
Sarika Unadkat
Keith was the biggest 'people person' I have ever known, he was always the first person to go round and talk to everyone in the room.
I feel privileged to have seen Keith in his element training young people during the Radio Harrow Summer Scheme. Even though he was going through chemo at the time, he would still walk in, full of stories, bright, bubbly and all ready to educate and enthuse the young people.
During those few weeks, he not only taught the teenagers, but he also taught me a whole lot more about community radio. His passion and dedication was infectious and beyond inspiring.
Keith, you always had hundreds of stories and anecdotes to tell, even though you're gone, you've left us with hundreds of memories and countless levels of ambition to make Radio Harrow everything you wanted it to be.
A tragic loss. My sincerest condolences.
My deepest sympathy. May he rest in peace.
Pierre Petrou.
Still can't believe it. I'll never forget the day you called me to join HCRfm; you really boosted my confidence and helped me every step of the way. We'll look after Radio Harrow, you look after Radio Heaven.
Shamal Kumal
Keeeefy, you were and will always be such a true gentleman. Your zest for life and wisdom will never be forgotten. You always managed to put a positive spin on everything, and it's that inspirational nature that I will always remember. Your passion for building a better community and helping others was immense and we will continue to execute your vision for Radio Harrow the best we can. I will miss your big bear hugs and your warm welcoming smile, I wish I could have one last big squish. May your kind beautiful soul rest in peace XXXX
Claire Knight
Keith has always been an inspiration to me. You might not see him for a while but the next time you saw him he greeted you as a good friend.
His enthusiasm in everything he does rubs off on you. You can't help but be excited for whatever plans he had up his sleeves (and there were always plans). But, also, he was the first person to encourage you in your ideas.
He had great plans for Radio Harrow and we will do everything in our power to make those dreams a reality not just for Keith but also for the local community who he worked tirelessly for behind the scenes.
The world has lost a true gentleman. A heart and soul unmatched in kindness. His legacy will live in all of us.
Mala Patel
Very sorry to hear this sad news.
I worked with Keith on various shows when I first joined RNP. I always remembered him as a very friendly and warm man.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this very sad time. May he now rest in peace. xx
Fundraising Team at St. Mark's Hospital Foundation
Keith had such a kind hearted, generous nature and it was inspirational to see how determined he was to raise awareness of bowel cancer.

He was a huge support for our Colon Challenge event in Kings Cross and his personality really made a difference at the event.

He will be missed and our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.
Fundraising Team at St Luke's Hospice
Keith was an incredible person and such a huge part of the local community. For so many years we've been lucky to have his support at our Hospice Fetes and he always added something special. Keith you were a truly wonderful person and will always be in our thoughts.
Lauren Rich
Cuddly Keith was the most wonderful guy. I've known him, pretty much, half of my life since I became a member of Radio Northwick Park in 1999.

I have some great memories of Keith:

1. When Keith secured our lottery grant (sorry Wes) when he became Chairman (only a couple of days into the role - to be fair, Wes did a lot of the hard work) and I became Fundraising Officer.

2. Keith helped me put together some of the RNP quizzes. I will never forget editing the film scenes round together at your house and laughing the whole time (you never did give me the DVD ;)!).

3. When we worked on the Jack Petchey Foundation and other grant funding together. You really did know your stuff.

4. When you were really keen to create the "RNP Band" and we roped in Rich Whiteley and Hedley Knights. You were an AWESOME bass player. I enjoyed our rehearsals immensely. On the RNP gig night at Trinity, a certain drummer (Hedley) drank a bit too much before our set, but we still had a laugh even if his timing was off.

5. I felt truly honoured to be invited to your wedding to Kim. You both looked amazing and it was lovely to spend that evening with you both.

6. Our trek to Manchester to appear on BBC TV's Battle of the Brains. I think we had more fun trying to find the restaurant for dinner (thanks to a defective Matt Nav)!

There are so many other memories but I don't want to take up half of this webpage.

The work you put into RNP and then to Radio Harrow (after HCR) was incredible and truly inspiring. I could easily have seen you become Mayor of Harrow!

The photo in the sidebar -> of me giving you a big kiss sums up how much I loved and respected you. I'm going to miss my cuddles.

My thoughts are with Kim and the family - may you always find comfort in your memories.

God bless xxx
Stacie Souroukides
An extraordinary man with a huge heart, Keith was an inspiration to many and will be sorely missed. I'll never forget his big smile and even bigger cuddles. Much love to Kim and his family xx
One of the many things I will miss about you Keith is your unconditional faith in everything and anything we did. You had a unique ability to make me feel as though anything was possible and with your help I have and will continue to pursue the things I love. You will forever be an incredible father to us and all our amazing memories will stay with us forever. I love you Keithy thank you for making our life what it is today. Without you, I would not be the person I am. Your wisdom, strength and courage will live on within us and every person you touched. Love from your pengy xx
Nick DuGard
This is terribly sad news. I have nothing but huge respect for Keith during my time working on the Radio with him for the Stones. Such a cheerful, positive and lovely man. RIP Keith
Tyler Skerton
To a True Gentleman,
So many words to describe you; respectful, driven, kind, friendly, generous, selfless, leader, inspirational...

Yet there are no words which can describe the sadness we feel in loosing such an incredible person.

From day one of knowing Keith, some three years ago, I could feel his passion for the radio and doing the right thing in the community.

I think we can all learn off of Keith. His drive, integrity, loyalty and passion to do what was right.

I am going to truly miss him. I sit here wishing that I had said a proper goodbye the last time I saw him at our recent AGM. But still enriched with energy and enthusiasm, you would have never thought to.

You take care Keith, do tune in once in a while. We will make you proud of Radio Harrow.
Ajit Menon
I had the opportunity to meet Keith once or twice when I was working as a volunteer for Harrow Community Radio, two years ago. He definitely seemed to be taking a lot of responsibility for running various shows. It didn't even strike me once that he was going through illness.

May God bless his soul. My thoughts and prayers for his family. He will always be remembered.
Gary Walker
Of the many words I could choose to to describe my relationship with Keith, "inspiring" would have to be my choice. His positive outlook in spite of his challenges never failed to amaze me.

I have so many memories over a too short time that I would fill the page, but ones that will stick with me are our Saturday morning on-air discussions of the upcoming day of sport with him in his kitchen adding commentary on the sounds of his dishwasher in the background. Saturday mornings are never going to be the same.
Clive Gardiner
So very sad to read this news. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and all his radio team.
Tahir Qureshi
Very sad news, condolences to his family, may he rest in peace.
Nicky Farmer
So sad. Keith worked with kidology dance co performing...he did our music for us. Always liked seeing him.
Charles Biggie
Radio Harrow recently covered the MacMillan Coffee Morning event at Northwick Park Hospital. I remember being moved to the point of tears when Keith delivered a live phone-in during the broadcast, when he talked at length and with eloquence about his battle with his illness in such brave and matter-of-fact terms.
It was Keith's drive and passion when Radio Harrow was set up just a short time ago that persuaded me to play a more active role in the running of the organisation.
Sincere good wishes to Kim and the family.
RIP Keith, we will keep your legacy alive.
Liz Riley
I last saw Keith on the Radio Harrow Picnic, back in the Summer. He was surrounded by his friends, with Kim at his side, chatting away and laughing as always. It was hard to believe he was so ill. So sorry to Kim and the family; a great loss; to all of us. I'll miss my cuddles!! Sleep well, Big Man. Liz Riley xx
Ben Hart
I have had the pleasure of knowing Keith for 22 years. As a teenager he encouraged me to pursue a role on the committee of Radio Northwick Park. Throughout the time I knew Keith and worked with him as a trustee he was a constant thread of knowledge, guidance, optimism and encouragement. If something needed doing and you weren’t sure where to start Keith would have a way. You were a great friend and colleague, I will miss you.
Jenna Noronha
Devastating news - what a fantastic guy. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends xx
Jade Blank
Cuddly Keith, I miss you. Don't worry about Radio Harrow, we'll all take care of it. I know that moving forward, your legacy and vision will live on and the question of "what would Keeeeeeeeeeith do?" will always be at the forefront of our minds. Just make sure you tune in at some point ❤
Morwenna Paz
Rest in peace Keith. Much love to Kim, his family and his radio
Claire Melia-Tompkins
Such a great guy with an incredible heart and fab sense of humour with amazing tales to tell. why do the good ones always go too soon.
Anila Vekaria-Shyam
So sorry to hear this! Really nice guy with a huge heart!!!! xxx
Nicci Rae
Really sad to hear this - I only met him a few times but he was a lovely bloke.
Yana Prendergast
So sorry to hear this and my thoughts go out to Keith's family. Such an amazing guy with a beautiful smile. Xx
Brit Flix
R.I.P. Keith Chilvers. A good man and community Champion. God bless. x
Lisa Bailey
So sorry to hear this awful news. Keith was an amazing man who did so much to help others. He will be so missed. Love to Kim and family xxxx
Stephen Conway
Very sad and shocked on hearing the news. I first met Keith when I took over the Sunday afternoon 4-5 slot on RNP, Keith was on from 2-3, and I used to meet him down there. I went with him and Vic one afternoon when RNP was getting a cheque from Barclays Bank in Harrow, that was a lovely afternoon. Then he asked me to join HCRFM and he trained me on the desk and was often down there tinkering when I did my Sunday show there. Always cheery, always chatty, always friendly. Keith will be sorely missed. RIP mate.
Hansa Varsani (Hansi)
I first met Keith in 2012, at Harrow Community Radio. He gave me the opportunity to follow my passion, and put a lot of his personal time to help me get started to produce a weekly Bollywood Show for a target market, that still continues to grow, with Keith's continued support, at Radio Harrow. His patience, determination and willingness to help others achieve was humbling. 'Keith you gave me the platform to enhance my life by reaching out to the wider community via the medium of Radio, giving me much happiness, well being, and confidence to reach out and explore more of my dreams. I will miss you dearly, and my heart goes out to the lovely Kim, and your whole family'.
Chris O'Brien
RIP Keith. Lovely man who I met while at Harrow council. Could never do enough for someone!
Matthew Sparks
Lovely chap and such a loss to the station, his family and the wider community.
Kristina Frenchum
Absolutely heartbreaking to see this. Such a wonderful man, my love and thoughts are with Kim and their family x
John Strick
Proud to call Keith a friend and I am so sad that he's gone. Truly one of the nicest blokes I've met, with a heart dedicated to doing good things for others. Shall miss him greatly.
Leigh Russell
Keith was a genuinely kind man, always ready to support others with his lovely warm smile. Sincere condolences to Kim and all his family.
Paul Easton
I was very sad to hear this. I only met Keith a few times - mainly around the time of Radio Northwick Park's 40th anniversary, the opening of the new studio and the initial members' meeting about the merger with Harrow Community Radio - but his great enthusiasm and support for the organisation was very clear to see.

My thoughts are with Kim and the family - as well as with all of you at Radio Harrow who have lost a good friend and a guiding light.

Thank you, Keith, for all you did. Rest in peace.

Paul (Radio Harrow/Northwick Park 1970-1979)
Olle Grove
Incredibly sad news. So sorry to hear of your loss. I only met Keith a few times but his passion for radio was immeasurable. His legacy is huge.
Heena Tailor
Such sad news to hear - a man with bundles of knowledge, passion and warmth. Keith Chilvers, you're going to be missed by many. May your soul be free. My prayers are with your friends and family x
Zoe Thompson
We have lost a great great man who wanted to see Radio Harrow thrive. RIP Keith, one of the nicest men I ever had the pleasure of meeting. X
Ryan Meyrick
Such terrible news, Keith was a fantastic man who helped me so much by giving me a slot on the station, he was a good friend and a excellent coach. If it wasn't for Keith this station wouldn't be where it is today.
Michaela Jeffries
Devastating news - a kind hearted, warm and friendly man. I always remember Keith saying that if you made a difference to one person through your volunteering then you've made a difference, my thoughts are with his family and closest friends and I hope to carry on his legacy through my work at Radio Harrow x
Matt Blank
For almost a decade I've spoken to Keith nearly everyday. Phone calls with him became part of my daily routine. When I was in quandary he'd be my go to guy. Now he's gone and I'm in a quandary because of it...and the only person I want to talk about it with is him. Life will be quieter from now on, and I'm really going to miss the noise. Goodbye Keith, we all miss you so much.

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