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Wake up with Walker.  The way to start your morning with information that is relevant to Harrow.  Plus, all the latest hits as well as your favourites through the decades.

We help clear those morning cobwebs with features like “Two songs in common”, our celebrity birthday game, “Who is it?” and “The Breakfast BrainBuster”.

There are also great interviews and always a good time.

If you miss the answers to the Who Is it? and Breakfast BrainBuster, you can find them on Twitter @garywalkerradio

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Let’s Talk Business

Also, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:15 and 8:15, we have great business tips for budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business experts.

How To Win An Argument
Persuading a friend or work colleague that you are right and they are wrong often leads to bad feelings. Alan Coote and Josh Alex reveal the easy way to win an argument.

Mail Sack: Is It The Beginning Of The End For Social Media?
A recent survey showed that the majority of secondary school children wouldn’t mind if their social media was switched off. These people are the next generation of consumers and businesses all over the country depend on reaching them through Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Alan Coote and Josh Alex ask if this signals the beginning of the end for social media.

How To Supercharge Your Focus
We all get distracted, I bet there are dozens of half-finished jobs at work and at home which need more of your time and attention. Alan Coote and Josh Alex uncover a novel way to supercharge your focus and boost your attention span.

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