Meditating with the Harrow Today Team

Wednesday, 5th September 2018

To Anish, meditation is the means of transforming the mind; it involves techniques that develop and encourage concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and learning to understand the true nature of being. Anish says that you can learn how to understand your mind, which enables you to become a more positive being. With regular work, this can lead to an individual entering a deeply peaceful and energised state. The experiences can be transformational and can lead to help people to understand their life.

Andrew started meditation in 2014 to assist with dealing with regular panic attacks and Andrew finds that it helps him to escape negative automated thoughts, by turning them into positive ones. The subconscious mind does not like changes to routine, but meditation allows for this area of the mind to be accessed to achieve serenity.

Feet on the floor, back straight, head up, and go!

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