Borough Commander Answers Harrow’s Questions

Monday, 18th July 2016

On Friday 15th July, the Borough Commander, Simon Ovens from the Harrow Metropolitan Police Service joined the Radio Harrow Breakfast Show to answer questions from listeners.

Appointed as the Borough Commander of Harrow in 2013, Simon Ovens has been committed to cutting crime, particularly burglary, robbery and anti-social behaviour. Simon has always been passionate about ensuring the Harrow Metropolitan Police Service offers a good service to the community.

The Borough Commander addressed the recent incident where a man opened fire on Gladstone Way in Harrow. The conversation also turned to the recent events in the USA. Simon spoke to host Gary Walker about some of the differences between British and American policing. They also discussed knife crime in the Borough, degrees of murder and the challenges coming with the latest Pokemon Go craze.

Simon Ovens also described several initiatives that the Harrow Metropolitan Police Service are doing to help keep Harrow the safest borough in London.

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