Tree-mendous Timing

Wednesday, 22nd November 2023

As the crisp air heralds the arrival of the holiday season, the question of when to put up the Christmas tree often arises. The debate on the ideal timing for decking the halls has been a longstanding tradition, with no one quite agreeing a set date. While some enthusiasts embrace an early start to infuse their homes with festive cheer, others prefer a more measured approach. So, when is truly the best time to put up a Christmas tree?

Traditionally, there’s a widespread belief that Christmas decorations should adorn homes after Thanksgiving, marking the official start of the holiday season. However, in recent years, this conventional wisdom has been challenged by those who opt for an earlier start, sometimes even as soon as November 1st.

Ultimately, the “best” time to put up a Christmas tree is a matter of personal choice and circumstances. Whether it’s early November, after Thanksgiving, or closer to Christmas Eve, what truly matters is the joy, warmth, and togetherness that a decorated tree brings into homes.

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