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Sunday, 25th February 2024

In this series of reviews, we’re putting some of our shows into the spotlight. Led and run entirely by volunteers, Radio Harrow broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our studios in Northwick Park, and today, we caught up with Matt and Philip, who host Tuesdays nights Culture Corner.

Firstly, tell us about yourself. What brings you to Radio Harrow?

Matt: I am a young up and coming radio journalist who loves talking about movies and tv and all manner of entertainment. Since I was a teenager I wanted to profess my love of film and tv anywhere I could. Given I am a little camera shy, I felt Radio was a much more comfortable and easier way of telling people about my thoughts on movies/tv. I was recommended Radio Harrow by one of my cousins. Then I showed my fellow film fanatic and friend James Wilson the Radio Station and then we pitched a new Radio show to Radio Harrow which has been going since April 2021.

Philip: I moved to London from Dublin almost two years ago, and have been an amateur film critic for many years. Honestly, I had never considered doing reviews on the radio, but when I was presented with an opportunity to co-host the show, I couldn’t say no!

And now, the show. What is Culture Corner about?

Matt: Culture Corner is a show that discusses all things movies, tv and entertainment. I enlisted the help of my friend James Wilson and from 2021-22 we would review films, tv, video games and theatre together both virtually and in the studio. This ended when James got a role in Australia in the radio industry and his place was taken by Phillip.To date we’ve covered San Diego Comic Con, The Cannes Film Festival, London Film Festival and Star Wars Celebration 2023.

What should listeners expect in a typical week on the show?

Philip: There will always be a review or two, there may well be rants, and a few laughs along the way. We try to keep things pretty light. It helps that we get along!

Do you have a radio idol?

Matt: My Radio idol is Mark Kermode. He was the first critic who Iclicked with and found his reviews both incredibly well written, thought out in advance and also just incredibly entertaining to listen to, especially his rants.

Philip: I was never a radio nerd, but Terry Wogan’s career is one I wouldn’t mind emulaing. Sashay over here from Ireland, charm people over the airwaves with my dulcet tones, and the world is my oyster!

Lastly, you’re stuck on a remote island for the rest of time! Who would you bring with you for the ride?

Matt: For me it would be David Bowie, for the simple reason that i just want to talk about where he got a lot of the ideas for his songs and how he evolved his music over the years. Plus we can then talk about his acting career and his painting/ Sculpting career.

Philip: Someone who knows how to chop coconut trees down and lasso the logs together to make a raft.

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You can catch Matt and Philip’s Culture Corner every week on Tuesdays from 8pm via You can also listen via the TuneIn mobile app or by telling your smart speaker to ‘Play Radio Harrow’ .

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