Opinion: Brewed Battle

Monday, 29th May 2023

Opinion: Brewed Battle – Decaf vs Caffeine – By Andrew Bottcher

I’m sure you’ll agree that there is nothing better than a brew with breakfast. Especially on a Saturday morning, when the sun is out. It’s like a moment of calm to enjoy before starting the day.

Recently, I made the switch from regular caffeine to decaf for drinks like tea and coffee to help with my health, on advice from my GP. Initially, I thought that I’d be able to tell the difference and I wouldn’t get the same satisfaction as it’s caffeine counterpart. However, how wrong I was! From that first sip, I didn’t really notice the difference, the tea still tastes like tea.

According to research, decaf and regular caffeine drinks still give you the same benefits, such as reduced risk of diabetes so it’s a wonder why more coffee shops are not offering a decaf option for most drinks.

I’ve switched for over a year now and I do feel that I’ve noticed some great differences which have helped my day-to-day life. For instance, I don’t feel as tired after drinking caffeine as caffeine blocks the body’s natural tiredness hormone, giving you the ‘buzz’ of being awake, but then releasing tiredness back into your body once the caffeine wears off. Whereas decaf doesn’t block this, leading to regulated tiredness levels.

I’m not converting you to decaf, but simply sharing my own experiences of switching. What do you prefer in the battle of the brews? Let us know, join the conversation @radioharrow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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