‘POETs Day’ Cast Ready for Opening

Tuesday, 2nd August 2016

Billed as “an exploration of emotional turmoil and self discovery”, ‘POETs Day’ is due to open it’s doors for the first time at the end of August. Ahead of the opening night, Debbie Ellis and Denise Bone joined Gary Walker in the Radio Harrow studio to discuss the play.

Set in the local area, and described as “not for the faint hearted”, the play will be showcased in the week from 31st August through till the 3rd September 2016 with nightly performances at the Compass Theatre in Ickenham.

During RH Breakfast, Denise and Debbie chatted with Gary Walker about the play, the characters and the build up to the opening night. They also spoke about the general experience of working together on a play and being part of the theatre community. You can hear the full interview below on our Mixcloud:

Tickets can be purchased online, with proceeds from the production will be going towards childrens charity Barnardos.

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