How to ‘Stay Well’ this Winter with Dr Mathi Woodhouse

Saturday, 17th December 2016

Ahead of the holiday season, Radio Harrow’s Gary Walker spoke with Dr Mathi Woodhouse about flu prevention and living with diabetes. Dr Woodhouse has been based at the Pinn Medical Centre since 2011, and speaking to Radio Harrow Breakfast, she explained how the flu vaccination program ‘Stay Well This Winter’ is aiming to ensure that those most at risk of contracting the flu this winter are well protected. High risk groups include those above the age of 65, and with certain health conditions such as heart conditions, and diabetes.

In 2016, there is also a specific campaign targeting people of South Asian origin, and Dr Woodhouse said that uptake of the vaccination has been quite low amongst these ethnic groups. In addition, another high risk group are young children. While the vaccination can be delivered in its traditional form, there is also a nasal spray vaccination for children, as an alternative way to receive the vaccination.

During the interview with Gary Walker, Dr Woodhouse also spoke about diabetes. There are two types of diabetes, and Dr Woodhouse said that rates of Type 2 diabetes is increasing more in London, and in Harrow. Hear the full interview below via the official Radio Harrow Mixcloud channel.

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Visit for more details on how to help you and your family to stay well this winter. For more information about Diabetes, please visit Diabetes UK.

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