Sonic Special 4

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We’re back!

Radio Harrow presents an all-new Sonic themed Special to celebrate all the anniversaries and highlights of the franchise in 2023 with returning hosts Andrew & his brother Tom.

It is a sequel to hit Sonic Special 3 and contains a full-length audio drama title Case of the missing Rose – where Sonic & Tails go on a rescue mission to find their friend Amy Rose who’s been kidnapped! Question is, who did it?

Just like the previous specials the show contains Talk topics, a Quiz, Songs, and an original audio drama.

Poster artwork by Sonic IDW comic artist ARQ

Sonic Jamz: Look-A-Like (KB remix) Ft.PaiDA is also featured in the Special.

The audio drama voice cast includes:

Andrew Hamblin as Sonic the Hedgehog, Cream the rabbit, Jet the Hawk, Orbot, Big the Cat, Spider-bot and additional voices.  

Abluemoon88 as Miles “Tails” Prower and Computer voice

Noah YoshiTails13 as Cheese the Chao

Doom the Meme Queen as Amy Rose

BoyleVoices as Dr Eggman

CashlinSnow as Rouge The Bat

Coryncidence as Tangle the Lemur

Naze_VA as Fang / Nack

TomatoGhost as Storm the albatross

Heavenly_Angie as Wave the Swallow

Vibripple as Jewel the beetle

Emcee Voices as Cubot

KelpVA as Badnik Cameos

Mr.JPG as Badnik Cameos

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