North West London’s Wellbeing: 21-Day Challenge

Saturday, 30th March 2024

The “North West London Wellness: 21-Day Challenge” is all about empowering individuals to adopt healthier habits in various aspects of their lives. From nutrition and exercise to sleep, hydration, stress management, and social connections, each week will focus on a different dimension of well-being.

Each day, our Radio Harrow team will be tasked with giving a challenge for the following night’s team to try out, put into practice, and discuss on the show the next day which provides a platform for participants to share their experiences and learn from one another. We’ll also be joined by guest speakers who will have their input on how to have good wellbeing.

Whether you’re looking to improve your diet, boost your fitness routine, manage stress more effectively, or simply connect with others on a similar journey, this challenge has something for everyone.

We’ll be sharing details of the challenges on air, on our social media pages, and via our special 21 Days Challenge web-page.

Keep tuned in to Radio Harrow as we’ll be revealing the first challenge during the Request Show on Sunday 7th April!

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