Tackling Hate Crime in Harrow

Sunday, 6th March 2016

Daz Wiltshire and Vickie Owen of the Harrow Metropolitan Police Service in Harrow talk about their campaign to raise awareness of hate crime in Harrow. Hate crimes can be defined as crimes against people because of their ethnic background, religion, disability or sexual preference.

Acting Sergeant, Daz Wiltshire also talked about an app called ‘Self-Evident’ which you can get on your phone to record any video and audio and report any hate crimes through Hate Crime Support.

Constable Vickie Owen is the liaison for the LGBT community in Harrow. Hate crimes amongst the LGBT community have been gradually increasing in the community. She talked about the different types of support available for them.

They both talk about how encouraging people to report any hate crime they may experience can help to raise awareness and improve hate crime prevention.

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