Home Security During the Holidays

Saturday, 19th December 2015

Inspector Vicky Brownlow and Sgt Russ Grayson of the Harrow Metropolitan Police joined the Radio Harrow Breakfast show to talk about home security during the holidays.

They describe the new property marking with SmartWater and signage that can help to recover items if they are stolen. Over the next three years, 1 in 7 homes will be visited by officers who will provide SmartWater as well as tips on how to mark and secure property.

They offered tips to try and put off potential burglars, such as putting time-switches on lights if you are going to be away for the holidays, locking garden tools away and check what your house looks like from the outside at night to see what it looks like to potential thieves and if any objects are visible.

They described the roles of community champions in helping to be aware of, and reporting, anything suspicious.

Take a listen to all of their crime prevention tips to stay safe and secure during the holidays on Mixcloud:

Harrow Metropolitan Police on Home Security During the Holidays by Radio Harrow on Mixcloud

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